Heidi Appel

Heidi Appel

Senior Research Scientist

Division of Plant Sciences

B.G.S., Oakland University
M.S., Biology, University of Michigan
Ph.D., Biology, University of Michigan

Heidi Appel has a research appointment and co-directs the Schultz-Appel Chemical Ecology Lab. Her main research interests are to understand how plants recognize and respond to insect herbivores with chemical defenses, how responses to insects are modified by demands from other stresses, and how well those defenses work. This requires a multidisciplinary approach including ecology, biochemistry, and molecular biology, and model systems with genetic tools, including Arabidopsis, poplar, and grape. Her current research is focused in three areas: 1) the mechanisms of gall induction by galling insects, 2) volatiles signatures of plant responses to herbivory, and 3) how insect feeding vibrations are sensed and used by insects as a rapid detection system for herbivory.

She co-teaches a graduate seminar on Molecular Ecology of Plant Herbivore Interactions.