Graduate Student Awards

Adams-Meiner Doctoral Scholarship Award in Entomology

In accordance with recent history, the Lloyd E. Adams Doctoral Scholarship in Entomology and the E. P. Meiner’s Centennial Scholarship in Entomology will be combined to offer up to a $1,500 award to a doctoral student in the Division’s Entomology Graduate Program Area.

The award is for an academic pursuit that would not otherwise be included in the doctoral program of the awardee. Such educational pursuits might include participation in a workshop or short course, a visit to a laboratory or field station at another institution to learn a new technique, or when fully justified attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting of a scientific society. Applications proposing creative professional opportunities are especially encouraged.

Eligilibity: The following guidelines, with preference to proposals in the first category, will be used to award the Scholarship to a doctoral student in the Division’s Entomology Graduate Program Area.

  1. A student who has completed at least the Qualifying Examination should submit a proposal that demonstrates how the award will improve the student’s professional credentials. The proposal should not include an activity that is an integral part of the original doctoral research prospectus approved by the student’s advisory committee.
  2. A student applying to the doctoral program in Entomology may receive the Scholarship as an incentive to pursue his or her studies at MU.
  3. A student cannot win the award in consecutive years.

Nomination Process: Applicants should submit the information requested on the application form.

The nomination materials must be submitted electronically as either Word or PDF files.

Evaluation: Proposals will be evaluated by a committee of doctoral faculty in the Enotomology program area. The successful candidate will be announced at the Spring Awards Banquet.

After completing the proposed activity, the successful awardee will submit a report to the entomology faculty describing the benefits accrued, lessons learned, and suggestions for future awards.

Past Recipients

  • Leland “Grant” Bolton, 2017
  • Man Phuoc Huynh, 2016
  • Kathryn Ingerslew, 2015
  • Jessica Warwick, 2014
  • Lauren Diepenbrock, 2012
  • Lauren Hart, 2011
  • Ian Keesey, 2010
  • Megan Zeller, 2009

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