Graduate Research Enhancement Grants

This program is designed to provide DPS graduate students with funds to pursue an opportunity to enhance their graduate education experience.  The proposed project/opportunity must  be clearly distinct from the project used to fulfill the MS/PhD research requirements.

  • Students may receive up to $750 from this program. 
  • Students are limited to one travel award or one research enhancement award per academic year (1 August – 31 July). 
  • This program is available to MS students who have submitted their M1 form (Program of Study) and to PhD students who have submitted their D2 form (Program of Study). 
  • Complete applications are submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies. 
    • Fall Semester deadline: 15 November.
    • Winter semester deadline: 15 April. 

Please note that the number of awards made each semester will be determined by the availability of funds.

To apply please provide:

  • A one page description of your research enhancement project.  Include your name and your adviser’s name at the top of this page.
  • Be sure to explain how this research project/opportunity will enhance your graduate educational experience.  It should be clear to the reader how the proposed project differs from the research you are conducting for your thesis/dissertation.
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the costs associated with the project.  Both the applicant and adviser must sign this page.


  • Non-expendable supplies purchased with these funds become the property of DPS upon the completion of the student’s project.
  • All purchases must be complete within 6 months of receiving the grant