Graduate Student Travel Grants

Three different funding sources are available within the Division of Plant Sciences to support the travel of graduate students to scientific meetings. All three funds have specific requirements. Furthermore, students may receive travel funds from only one of these funding sources to attend a single meeting in any calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31).

Division of Plant Sciences Travel Fund – this fund is available to all graduate students in the Division of Plant Sciences. Priority will be given to students who present an oral or poster presentation.

The Daniel Millikan Travel Fund – this fund was established through a gift provided by Daniel Millikan to be used for graduate study in plant pathology. Travel funds are available to graduate students in the Division of Plant Sciences who belong to the Plant Stress Biology Program Area and whose major focus on research must be in the field of plant microbiology or pathology.

The Entomology Travel Fund – Funds are made available for students in the Entomology Graduate Program Area of the Division of Plant Sciences to attend two professional scientific meetings per academic year, provided that students are presenting a paper or poster on their thesis/dissertation topic. In rare cases, attendance at one additional meeting may be funded.
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In addition to the Division of Plant Sciences travel funds, students may also apply to several other sources on campus to finance their travel to meetings. The application requirements and deadlines for application can be found on the following links.

University of Missouri Graduate School Travel Awards – this fund is available to students who have completed their doctoral comprehensive exam.

The Graduate Professional Council (GPC) award – this fund is designed to assist MU students in the graduate and professional schools who are traveling for academic reasons to represent the University of Missouri campus by presenting research papers, posters or creative works at conferences or symposia.

Randall Young Scientists Development Fund - the travel scholarships are awarded to graduate students, postdoctoral associates, undergraduate students, and staff research scientists who are members of the Interdisciplinary Plant Group, the College of Veterinary Medicine, Comparative Medicine, Biological Sciences, or the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources. Scholarships are granted for conference or meeting travel, training workshops or courses, specialized training, or off-campus research opportunities.

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