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Tamra Reall

Tamra Reall
Ph.D. Student
Adviser: R. Houseman

Describe how MU Plant Sciences has broadened your horizons.
In addition to supportive guidance in my research and course work, I am able to attend national and regional meetings. These meetings allow me to meet others in my field, learn about similar and diverse research, and to ask interesting questions about my projects.

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Within the Entomology graduate program area, a student can select training from a wide range of courses and research programs to prepare for a career in any of the many areas of professional entomology, including research, teaching, industry and extension work. Current research programs emphasize the following areas: ecology, pest management, insect behavior, biochemistry, morphology, molecular biology, physiology and systematics, as well as aquatic, forest, horticultural and urban entomology, chemical ecology, biological and chemical control, host-plant interactions, and integrated pest management.


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