Ernie & Lottie Sears

Sears Greenhouse

Ernie and Lottie Sears Plant Growth Facility: The Ernie and Lotte Sears Plant Growth Facility contains 12 greenhouses, walk-in growth chambers, and a long-term seed storage in rooms for the preservation of genetic resources. It is also home to the Plant Transformation Core facility. Sears is located next to Tucker Hall at the heart of campus.

Bond Life Sciences Center

Bond Life Sciences Center

Bond Life Science Greenhouse and growth room/chambers: Seven greenhouse sections (400-750 sf) are located atop the Bond Life Sciences Center (Bond LSC). These greenhouses provide supplemental lighting and shade control and an evaporative cooling system. A head house facility that supports these greenhouses is located in the Bond LSC service building. An autoclave for transgenic material is located in the corridor next to the greenhouses on the west side. The basement of the Bond LSC houses fourteen growth chambers, five growth rooms, and five arabitrons with various features (i.e., humidity, light, and temperature control).

Ashland Road

Ashland Road Greenhousse

Ashland Road Research Greenhouses: There are four main research greenhouses with ten ~400-500 sf sections in each. This facility is located within walking distance of campus. USDA-ARS researchers have a newer (~15 years) greenhouse with excellent head house. These greenhouses allow the use of regular soil and allow off-site soils to be brought in as well as field plants to be brought in for studies.