Plant Transformation Core Facility User’s Policy

(Effective since July 2000, and amended January 2007)


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Plant Transformation Core Facility (PTCF) at the University of Missouri runs smoothly, makes the best use of facility resources, enhances its productivity, documents the facility’s impact and gains its deserved recognition and ultimately benefits the users.

General Policy:  

  1. Because of space constraints, the PTCF is no longer capable of hosting those users whose research projects are not in collaboration with the facility. Even those users who will be collaborating with the PTCF will need to be on a waiting list. Due to the high cost of production of transgenic plant lines, collaborating users still need to pay most of the direct cost including materials and supplies and part-time labor, but the price will be discounted.   

  2. The authorship of PTCF key personnel needs to be considered in the user’s publication(s) when the research results are from collaboration between the facility and users. When the facility provides short training or technical advice to the users (e.g., not in collaboration), users are expected to acknowledge our facility and personnel in publications or presentations benefiting from the training or advice. Particularly, if the input that the facility provides leads to improved results or new discovery, users are expected to include the authorships or inventorship of the facility personnel who provided such input in the user’s publications or patent applications, even though the research results could be from non-collaborative work with the PTCF.

  3. If necessary, a collaboration agreement will be signed between the PTCF and users before starting use of the facility.

  4. In any case, users who have used the PTCF services (e.g., transgenic materials) are expected to cite the core facility services either in the Materials and Methods or the Acknowledgements section of the user’s publication(s).

  5. All users are expected to follow and comply with the PTCF rules. These rules will be introduced by facility personnel whenever appropriate. Please contact Liwen Zhou for student workers’ help and reservation for space, and Neng Wan for greenhouse issues, equipment use and repair.

  6. The Director of the PTCF is responsible for overseeing the implementation of these rules as well as mediating and settling the issues that arise. The following briefly states the rules set by the PTCF.

  7. Use of facility space: The facility spaces include culture hood areas, culture incubators and rooms, growth chambers, greenhouse space, refrigerators, freezers, bench areas and drawers. Except for those spaces reserved for the facility and its staff members, the use of the remaining spaces is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees charged for the use of the culture hood, incubator, and chamber shelves are determined according to the annual rate imposed by the Sears Greenhouse Oversight Committee and equipment depreciation value. Due to the increasing demand for the use of culture hood space, users are expected to sign up on a sign-up calendar sheet ahead of time to indicate the days and time slots the spaces are needed and leave blank those dates and times when he or she is not using the hood space. Failure to sign up could lead to the occupation of the space by others. Also, each user is expected to keep to a minimum items such as a forceps, blades and boxes of aerosol-barrier tips inside the hood (only enough necessary to do the work and to minimize the chance of contamination) to save hood space and to facilitate tissue culture work undertaken by other users. Once made and solidified culture media need to be put away as soon as possible to clear the hood area. The hood space area should be cleaned up immediately after each use so that it is ready for the next user. Users of culture incubators, culture rooms and growth chambers are responsible for organizing their own cultures properly, keeping work areas clean, and discarding unwanted materials including contaminated cultures in a timely manner to minimize contamination. All users who perform plant tissue culture work are also required to wear lab coats to minimize culture contamination. Please ask PTCF staff to get you a lab coat to wear.

  8. Use of equipment: First-time users of the equipment need to be trained properly by the facility personnel to avoid improper use of equipment that could cause expensive damage and repair and also delay the experiments. Users will be responsible for any damage and subsequent repair cost of the equipment (including glass labware) and are expected to report to facility personnel immediately when the damage occurs. Use of certain equipment requires that one reserve its use, so users need to sign up for the date and time slots before they begin work. 

  9. Evening and weekend work: The last person to leave should lock all facility doors and close windows to secure the facility and comply with MU safety requirements. All the room and hood lights should be turned off.

  10. Other belongings: All the facility belongings including lab notebooks, protocol books, chemicals and reagents and stocks are not allowed to be taken away from the facility. Certain items can be borrowed with the permission of the facility personnel but should be returned after use. Users will be responsible for the loss of these items if he or she fails to bring them back.

  11. Interactions with facility staff members: Users are expected to interact with the facility staff members professionally and avoid diminishing their productivity through unnecessarily prolonged conversation and distraction from their work, etc.

  12. In the event of noncompliance with facility rules, users will be denied access to the facility and the outstanding incidences will be released to the public. 

The rules set by MU, The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources or Division of Plant Sciences will prevail if there is any conflict between these rules and this user’s policy.

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