Service Pricing

Stable Transformation Service:

Plant Species Internal External Number of events
Glycine max $1,560 $2,600 3-5
Zea mays inbred B104 $2,830 $4,065 3-5
Zea mays Hi-II $2,240 $3,200 5-10
Sorghum bicolor $2,420 $4,010 5-10
Triticum aestivum $2,400 $3,660 5-10
Panicum virgatum $1,650 $2,925 5-10

Listed price is for per construct. The number of independent transgenic events produced with each construct is indicated in the last column. Each event will be carried to T1 seeds except for switchgrass which is carried to plantlets in culture vessels. Events that are carried to T0 seeding or earlier culture stages will be charged at a lower price.

For soybean (Glycine max) and maize inbred B104, a minimum of 3 events will be required for the service.

For remaining crop species, at least 5 events will be required for the service.

To request more events than 3-5 or 5-10, simply multiply the price by number of events needed to get an estimate of the cost.

Please contact Zhanyuan Zhang if you have questions regarding our pricing.