Soybean Transformation Service

Step 1: Follow the steps to make a Service Request.

Step 2: We use public soybean genotype "Williams 82,” and elite genotype "Maverick," or "Magellan," in all service experiments as starting material, unless you want other soybean genotype to be transformed. Transformation of other soybean genotypes is not impossible, but the service charge will be based on labor and supplies as well as indirect cost, not in per event.

Step 3: It normally takes 9-11 months from the start of the service experiments to get transgenic soybean seeds. Therefore, users should arrange schedules accordingly.

Step 4: We encourage users to contact us for any concern or question during our service period in order to get timely feedback.

Feel free to contact us for the update or schedule to pick up your samples once your service experiments start.