Course Listing

PS1002 Topics In Plant Science - Biological/Physical/Mathematics 1-4 F:odd
PS1010 Plant Science Orientation 1 F
PS1125 People, Plants and the Environment 3 SP Freshmen or Sophomore standing
PS2002 Topics in Plant Science - Biological/Physical/Mathematics 1-4
PS2075 Environmental Horticulture 3 F, SP
PS2100 Introduction to Soils 3 F, SP 3 hrs of CHEM
PS2110 Plant Growth and Culture 3 F:odd, SP
PS2125 Plant Structure and Function 3 SP BIOSC1200; SOIL2100; CHEM1320
PS2150 Plants for Interior Design 2
PS2195 Grapes and Wines of the World 1 F
PS2210 Ornamental Woody Plants 3 F BIOSC1010 & 1200
PS2215 Ornamental Herbaceous Plants 3 F BIOSC1010, 1200 or 1500
PS2220 Floral Design I 2 F, SP 8-week course
PS2254 Landscape Design 3 F Sophomore standing
PS2710 Insects in the Enviroment 3
PS3002 Topics in Plant Science - Biological/Physical/Mathematics 1-4 F, SP
PS3130 Undergraduate Seminar in Plant Science 1 SP Sophomore or above standing
PS3210 Principles of Weed Science 4 F PS2110 or BIOSC1200
PS3213 Genetics of Agricultural Plants and Animals 3 SP BIOSC1010, 1020, 1500; MATH1100
PS3220 Floral Design II 2 F, SP
PS3225 Plant Breeding and Genetics 3 F PS2110
PS3230 Plant Propagation 3 F BIOSC1010, 1200
PS3240 Principles of Viticulture I 4 F:odd
PS3250 Green Industry Bidding 1 SP PS major or instructor's consent; Sophomore standing
PS3252 Arboriculture and Pruning 1 SP PS2210 or instructor's consent
PS3260 Greenhouse Management 4 F
PS3270 Forage Crops 3 F PS2110
PS3275 Grain Crops 3 F PS2110
PS3355 Introductory Turfgrass Management 3 F PS2100 or instructor's consent
PS3385 Problems in Plant Science 1-4 F, SP Instructor's consent
PS3510 Biology of Fungi 3 SP BIOSC1100, 1200, 1500 or equiv.
PS3710 Introductory Entomology 3 F BIOSC1010, 1020 or 1500
PS3715 Insect Diversity 3 F Concurrent completion of PS3710/BIOSC3710
PS4002 Topics in Plant Science - Biological/Physical/Mathematics 1-4 F
PS4313 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition 3 SP SOIL2100 or instructor's consent
PS4314 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Laboratory 2 SP concurrent enrollment or previous completion of SOIL 4313.
PS4315 Crop Physiology 3 SP PS2110
PS4320 Plant Physiology 3-5 F BIOSC1200 or 1500; 5 hrs of CHEM
PS4325 Field Crop Breeding 3 F:even
PS4340 Principles of Viticulture II 4
PS4355 Advanced Turfgrass Management 3 SP PS3355 or instructor's consent
PS4360 Precision Agriculture Science and Technology 3 SP SOIL2100; PS2110 or instructor's consent
PS4365 Ornamental Crops Production 4 SP PS3260 or instructor's consent
PS4385 Problems in Plant Science 3 SP
PS4400 Plant Anatomy 4 F BIOSC1200 or 1500
PS4500 Biology and Pathogenesis of Plant‐Associated Microbes 4 F 5 hrs. BIOSC; junior, senior or graduate standing
PS4710 Systematic Entomology 5 F:odd PS3710, 3715 or 10 hrs. BIOSC
PS4720 Aquatic Entomology 3 SP:odd PS3710, 3715, 4304 or equiv.
PS4730 Insect Pest Management for Plant Protection 3 SP:even PS3710, 3715
PS4940 Internship in Plant Science 1-3 F, SP 80 hrs. including 2 courses in dept. & instructor's consent
PS4950 Undergraduate Research in Plant Science 1-3 F, SP Senior standing in PS degree program
PS4965 Special Readings in Plant Pathology 1-99 F
PS4975 Advanced Landscape Design 4 SP PS2254, instructor's consent

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